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Looking for music, trivia night, or just a simple happy hour? We’ve got you covered with a nightly feed of the hottest events in your city.

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See how many people are going to a venue, how many are currently there, and how many of your friends will be there- all in real time.


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Favorite venues and receive alerts for new drink specials or events!

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Invite friends to join you and plan your nights together.

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Earn rewards like free cover and discounted drinks for simply using the app.

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Partiac eliminates the biggest obstacles to planning the perfect night, but we don’t stop there.


See where your friends are going tonight, but not where they were last night or last week. Activity on Partiac is reset every morning.

Automatic Check-In

Forget pulling out your phone at every venue. Partiac registers your visits automatically so you never miss out on a reward.

Ride With Uber

Once you find the perfect venue, request a ride straight from the app and get back to pre-gaming with your friends.

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Not finding your favorite bars on Partiac? Use the Suggest a Venue feature and tell us what you want.

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Partiac shows how many girls and guys are at each venue, as well as the age range for each crowd.

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Partiac Pro App

Partiac Pro is specifically built for venue owners and management, providing all the necessary tools to perfect your marketing and attract new clientele.

Nightly Analytics

Track the success of each promotion on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Perfect your strategy using statistics on crowd demographics, average length of stay, new vs repeat customers, etc.

Automatic Promotions

Preset promotions to post for a day, month, or even a year. Add your whole calendar in just 5 minutes and let Partiac do the work for you!

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Reach every patron in a 50 mile radius regardless of whether they follow your account. Promotions are guaranteed to reach users specifically looking for night life.

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